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The First Blevins Settlers in the New World
Robert P. Blevins - August 22, 2020

Although many legends and myths exist, the actual documentation of Blevins settlers in the New World doesn't begin until 1659 in Massachusetts, 1679 in New York, and 1691 in Rhode Island.  This 36-page paper presents the stories of the three, first-recorded Blevins settlers: John Blethen the Quaker, James Bliven the "Sayler", and Edward Bliven of Westerly.  Edward Bliven would go on to become the primary Patriarch of the Blevins family's Northern Branch.  

This paper also provides a detailed 5-page preface that provides a guide to my series of papers on the early Blevins families in America. 


The Southern Migration of the James Bliven Family
Robert P. Blevins - June 1, 2020

Sometime between 1718 and 1732, James Bliven Jr., the proven son of James Bliven the "Sayler", removed his family from Westerly, Rhode Island.  By 1733, he had settled in the Monocacy Hundred of western Maryland and by 1736, he had settled in Goochland County, Virginia. This James Bliven (Blevins) would go on to become the primary Patriarch of the Blevins family's Southern Branch.

This 38-page paper documents this migration and the family structure of James Blevins the Patriarch.


Theoretical Structures of the First Blevins Families of Tennessee - Expanded and Revised Edition
Robert P. Blevins - June 1, 2020

Between 1770 and 1783, at least eight Blevins men moved from what is now Henry County, Virginia to new lands along the Holston River in what is now Sullivan County, Tennessee.  This 162-page document details more than 15 years of research on these early settlers and significantly expands upon my original edition, published February 2010 - ISBN 978-0-578-05063-8. 

This document also provides separate detailed discussions on Blevins Y-DNA findings and on the Blevins Longhunters of the 1760s.


Theoretical Structures of the First Blevins Families of Rhea and Meigs Counties, Tennessee
Robert P. Blevins - June 1, 2020

In 1819, the Federal Government concluded the Hiwassee Land Purchase from the Cherokee Nation.  Part of the new Hiwassee District was organized into McMinn County, Tennessee and the balance was added to Rhea County, Tennessee.  The portion added to Rhea was south and east of the Tennessee River and was organized as Meigs County in 1836.  The Hiwassee Purchase started a migration of settlers into this newly opened land. 

This 42-page document covers the origins and family structures of the seven Blevins men who settled in what is now Meigs County, Tennessee during the 1820s.


Blevins Patriots and Loyalists in the Southern Campaigns
Robert P. Blevins - April 3, 2021

The American Revolutionary War was a time of upheaval and conflicting loyalties for people throughout the colonies.  The War began not long after Blevins groups were being established in the overmountain areas to the west and southwest of southern Virginia and some within these groups also experienced upheavals and choices of loyalty.

This 22-page paper covers the known records of Blevins men relevant to the Southern Campaigns of the American Revolutionary War.